The Uniformed Retail Security Officer is the first greeting point your customers will see, we are your customers welcoming committee and are there to greet and protect your premises and inventory.

We can arrange for the deployment of Static and Retail Security Personnel anywhere in Gauteng

There is a real need for Static and Retail Security Personnel in a wide range of retail outlets, such as clothes shops, coffee shops, restaurants & supermarkets.

All Retail Security Staff, like our Door Security Operatives, wear the company uniform and are selected for their public relations and communication skills as well as their ability to perform security tasks to a very high standard.

All our Retail Security Guards are trained to a high standard for placement within retail outlets.              

Our uniformed Retail Security personnel provide a Professional high profile presence in the retail environment.

This gives both a physical deterrent together with a higher level of Security and personal safety for both employees and customers alike.

Working closely with plain clothed security personnel, helps maximise the loss prevention function within the store.

Our Retail Security Services team operate under the guidance of a very experienced Management structure.

This offers the client years of hands on experience.

Key Benefits of Retail Security

- Professional High Profile Deterrent
- Reduction of stock loss
- Safe & secure environment for staff & customers

Just the presence of a Retail Security Officer reduces your 'risk of thieves' factor.

Security Guards install confidence within your staff and customers that unwanted bad behaviour will be dealt with.

We are a visible deterrent to deter shoplifters.

We identify hazards before they become a problem, fire prevention, dealing with suspicious objects and being calm whilst dealing with emergencies.


Retail & Loss Prevention
CCTV Control
Undercover store man

Undercover Store Detectives

Professional shoplifters are not always deterred by the presence of a uniformed security officer.

Under these circumstances, store detectives can be deployed to detect and apprehend offenders.

Because of their covert nature they can get close to the offenders who are under the impression that they are customer.

Store Detectives can also be used as highly effective deterrent; they will patrol the store making it obvious to customers that they are under cover security officers.

Shoplifters operating in the store are aware of the presence of the store detectives and as they cannot be sure of identifying all of the store detectives they move on to a softer target.

During times of low activity the store detectives will continue to patrol the store.



The quality we bring to your environment begins long before your organization personally meets our security guard professionals.

The management of HPS is committed to making the recruitment and training of our personnel, the key to our success.

Our employees are guaranteed to have a 100% clean criminal record and a valid PSIRA certificate.

All security guards are licensed under the Private Security Services Act.

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